i am a filmmaker

director reel, march 2021

sophie said “DYSTOPIAN BEACH HOUSE” music video, july 2022

Director: Callum Sheedy
Producer: Sophie Saidmehr
Choreography: Robert Taylor Jr.
Dancers: Gabrielle Djenne & Master Kat
Director of Photography: Daniel Cho
1st Assistant Camera: Chris Evora
Hair/Makeup: Tori Schmidt & Cesar Olivas
Craft/Catering: Beverley Saidmehr
Special Thanks: Olivia Anzalone

artifice, june 2021

Director: Callum Sheedy
Concept: Callum Sheedy & Aosiva
Music: Aosiva
Model: Chloe Genesis
Studio Assistants: Sydney Fourcaudot & Cordell Blanchard

aquarius dreams “flora’s earthtones” music video, february 2021

Director: Callum Sheedy
Producers: Ryan Hammond & Callum Sheedy
Cast: Andrew Robichaud & Kendelle Parks
Director of Photography: Sam Kilpatrick
Assistant Director: Ryan Hammond
Editors: Callum Sheedy & Ryan Hammond
1st Assistant Camera: Matthew Simser
Hair & Makeup Supervisor/BTS Photographer: Mei Lein Harrison
Production: Glass Iris Media & Crumb Pictures

the story behind oap, march 2019

a documentary-aftermovie fusion film about the “open air pub” event at mcgill university

Director: Callum Sheedy
Executive Producer: Sofia Mason Reidbord
Production Advisor: Jaden Cheng
Production: TV McGill

and now i think of roy, january 2019

an experimental no-budget short film

Directors/Writers: Callum Sheedy, Mei Lein Harrison, Ryan Hammond
Starring: Nick Stuart, Michael Heaney, Matthew Fedsin, Mei Lein Harrison, Wendy Harrison, Nicole Paldino, Meredith Mitchell, Vanessa Hill
Assistant Director: Meredith Mitchell
Music: Nihilism at Brunch (Ryan Wasik, Simon Oswald, Carl Nilsson), Lauren Wasik